Seriously, Stockings not Tights?


We love Mrs Mills in the Sunday Times Style magazine, and like to think that's a cigarette holder in her hand (and not concealer). And we were fascinated by her recent column covering 'the stocking debate'.

We didn't even realise there was a debate, because as fashion-conscious as we are (and not adverse to sexy underwear), we wear tights.

Why, for example, would you wear a thong to eliminate VPL (visible panty line, guys), then have a line where your suspenders go? Or worse, where your hold-ups end?

But according to her readers, 57% of them prefer stockings and 43% prefer tights.

Is that because a majority of her readers fancy themselves to be just like the cartoon image of her (and she no doubt wears stockings)?

In a totally unscientific poll, we asked 20 of our banker girlfriends if they wore stockings or tights, and asked them to answer 'totally honestly'.

Here's what we found out:

  • A whopping 12 wearing tights only
  • A lonely one wears proper stockings with suspenders (but we bet she ain't that lonely)
  • Three prefer hold-ups
  • Four wear hold-ups or tights, depending on the weather/circumstance

So what's the logic?

"Tights all the way - can't risk a Basic Instinct moment in the office!"

"Where do hold ups sit? Convenience stockings?"

"I'd love to say stockings, but it's tights every time for me I'm afraid."

"Whichever come out of my drawer and don't have ladders in them!"

"Stockings are just not practical under your skirt suit!"

"Tights when its cold outside. Stocking when its warmer (usually the hold up variety)."

But should you decide you want to lead the stocking revolution, visit this site.

They'll make sure you're armed (uh, legged).

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