London's Biggest Trading Floors

Hot on the heels of the announcement that JPMorgan has spurned Canary Wharf and has chosen the 'Square Mile' for its new European HQ (St Alphage House in London Wall), most of the interest centres around the fact that, of the 1 million square feet that makes up the new building, there will be four giant trading floors of some 72,000 square feet each.

According to The Times, the new 20-storey building, on which work will commence next year, will have four huge trading floors which can each house up to 1,000 staff. Each floor is said to be the size of 25 tennis courts.

The newspaper has done some research, and come up with a league table of the biggest trading floors in London:

1. JPMorgan - (proposed) 72,800 sq ft

2. Lehman Brothers - 72,100

3. Credit Suisse - 70,100

4. Citigroup - 63,500

5. Barclays Capital - 63,200

6. Merrill Lynch - 61,100

7. UBS - 54,500

8. Goldman Sachs - 47,900

9. Deutsche Bank - 46,100

10. Morgan Stanley - 42,100

11. HSBC Investment Bank - 40,800

Source - The Times

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