The Winners Of The Victoria Jones Gallery Competition....

Hand Painted Story Chest

The Victoria Jones Gallery in London has a unique collection of traditional and contemporary paintings, sculpture and furniture, holding an ever changing range of individual pieces, all of which have been exclusively designed and created by master craftsman and artists. And we ran a competition for you to get your hands on a piece!

The Top 10 Stories You Wrote For Us This Year

In August, Here Is The City launched its Life site and, since that time, a number of our readers have signed up and submitted stories for the site on subjects that interest them. Here's a note of the Top 10 stories authored by readers since the launch:

Top Stories of 2007

Jack Spade Bag

2007 saw HITC Life launch and grow. Once upon a time we were pleased if a story was read 100 times in a day. Now we're bummed if it's less than 1,000! Following are the Top 20 stories from 2007.

BofA Scrouge, Bear Boss Sells, HSBC Pressured, Merrill Sued, UBS Trouble

Bloomberg reports that US fund manager Legg Mason has put $1.2bn in cash and guarantees behind two money market funds which were coming under pressure due to investments in asset-backed commercial paper. Legg CEO 'Chip' Mason said in a statement that 'this action is consistent with our ongoing efforts to reduce the ABCP exposure in our liquidity funds in light of current stresses in the credit markets'.

2008 - More Huge Write-Downs & Job Cuts On The Way

Enjoy the next few days if you can, but don't expect a 'Happy New Year' if you work in the financial markets. You might think that the last 3 months have been tough, but you ain't seen nothing yet, as large firms get ready to announce even more huge write-downs and cut more heads.

Top HITCitizen Stories of 2007


Our HITCitizens (also known as readers who write for us) are the best. They write on all sorts of things we could never even imagine. Here's their Top 10 list of most read stories, and if you'd like to join them in their noble pursuit, let us know!