Big Bonuses - A Banker's View

'I work in a fairly senior role at a firm in the City, and find this feeding frenzy surrounding $100m bonuses obscene - and depressing.

Every year we are working harder and ever longer, and yet most of us still only get a bonus which is but a fraction of our base salary. Everyone I know works in a climate of fear of losing their job, and feels pressured to put in even more effort.

Those fortunate few who get those mega-bonuses help create an aggressive culture where your best is never enough, and provide the illusion that all bankers live in Chelsea penthouses (the reality is that most of us struggle to buy a place in Zone 2).

This big bonus lark has surely gone far enough. I know where I work more staff are unhappy about their bonuses this year than ever before'.

Other reader comments:

'The reason most of us come to work in the City in the first place is to work in a meritocratic environment where performance will be rewarded regardless of race, age, family background, etc. Bring on those big bonuses!'.

'If you underperform so much that you fear losing your job, then you shouldn't expect a bonus anyway!'.

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