Goldman Stinks

But only if you're a cleaner, of course.

Fresh from that sit-in earlier in the month, rumours are flying that Goldman's cleaners are likely to now go on strike unless their demands for 'decent' hourly pay are satisfied (what's the matter with these folks - isn't $10-an-hour enough for the privilege of cleaning the offices of multi-millionaire bankers ?).

The cleaners, of course, don't actually work for Goldman - cleaning is outsourced (ok, so Goldman does have equity in the cleaning company and representation on the board - but what's that got to do with the price of eggs ?).

Let's hope that that big Goldman Xmas party (London's 22 firm partners are said to have had a whip round and donated up to $11,700 each for the mother of all Christmas dos) takes place offsite - otherwise the staff might be cleaning up their mess themselves (no comments about pigs in sh.t, please).

Anyway, it could be worse. Some cleaners are said to be on hunger strike over at Royal Bank of Scotland - they can always eat cake!

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