Citigroup Guy Charged With Operating Meth Lab

New York - The US Drug Administration announced last week that ten defendants have now been charged with federal felony offenses associated with the illegal operation of meths labs throughout New York City and Long Island. One of the defendants is Michael Knibb, a 37-year-old VP who works for Citigroup in IT.

The New York Post reports that Knibb, who is said to make $250,000-a-year, allegedly told authorities when he was busted in June that he set up his own crystal-meth lab in his $6,000-a-month penthouse apartment overlooking the United Nations building as he was unable to find a reliable drug dealer on moving to the area 2 years ago! He is one of two of the 10 defendants said not to fit the profile of a typical meth producer (the other is a doctoral student in history at Columbia University who teaches political science).

Knibb's operation was fairly sophisticated for a small-time lab (he was making just enough for himself, and was not dealing), and federal agents found beakers, solvents and heating elements in his living room and bedroom when they came a-calling. Currently free on $150,000 bail, Knibb has spent some time in a drug rehab center. He was tracked down when he ordered 100 grams of iodine crystals from a website, and had them delivered to his apartment. The banker now faces up to 20 years in prison.

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