'Sorry - I Wrecked Your Porsche!' (The True Story)

Last week Autoblog.com reported that a well-off City Slicker type took his mate's Porsche Carrera GT for a spin around Port Chester, New York. The story went that the car's owner, not wishing to be parted from his luxury car for one minute (these things are said to go for between $300,000 and $500,000), rode shotgun in the vehicle. See below for what happened.

The very next day, so we were told, the chap who wrecked the car bought the owner another Carrera GT - and this one had lower mileage to boot. Well, it transpires that that's not quite what happened.

The New York Post now reports that the Porsche actually belongs to Robert Greenhill, the past President of Morgan Stanley, CEO of Smith Barney and founder of Greenhill & Co. And the smash-up occurred when a mechanic (with colleague also in the car) was returning it after some minor body work. The driver hit the pole while trying to avoid a collision with a truck. The mechanic broke his foot, but both men are said to be fine. Greenhill himself is said to be cool about it - as long as he gets a replacement vehicle before too long.

Sources - Autoblog.com, dealbreaker.com, elisetalk.com, the New York Post

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