Now Running - Enron The Musical

Well, it opened at Lambert Hall, Houston, on Friday. A two act play which tells the Enron story from the perspective of a former employee.

The employee shares 'stories' about Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling and Andy Fastow and takes in the California energy crisis, those Nigerian barge deals, the broadband fiasco, Valhalla and the off-balance sheet vehicles which ended up sinking the company.

Six local actors feature in 13 scenes with titles like 'Ya Got Trouble in Bayou City', '(How Do You Solve A Problem) Jeff Skilling ?', 'Get Me To The Court On Time' and 'There's No Business Like Barge Business'. Songs include 'Thank Heavens For Off The Books Deals'.

Some suggest that there's a bit of toilet humour in this production - and that's hardly surprising; Mark Fraser, the writer-director-producer has a day job selling janatorial supplies!

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