Singing BofA Bankers Hit Copyright Snag

Remember that terrible video we published earlier this month which featured two Bank of America bankers singing along to a bast.rdised version of U2's 'One' ? Well, it seems that there's being a bit of fallout on the copyright front.

The New York Times has reported that a lawyer acting for catalog owner Universal Publishing Group posted a cease-and-desist letter in the contents section of, a website which has been carrying the video. The lawyer says that Bank of America had violated Universal's copyright of the U2 song. Stereogum said that it had forwarded a copy of the post to Bank of America.

The bankers who performed the song in the video, Jim Debois and Ethan Chandler, have had the mickey taken out of them for their cheesy efforts. Both are taking the matter on the chin, however, and appear to see the funny side. Chandler, who has apparently released an album himself, and is said to be working on another (why ?), told the newspaper that he was surprised to learn about the cease-and-desist letter, as 'there was an approved list of songs to use, and as far as I knew, that was an approved song'.

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To view the video in question, please press on the link immediately below.

BofA Bankers Get Cheesy - A Video 'Nasty'

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