Did You Know ? - Random Unrelated Facts

Sacha Baron Cohen worked briefly for Goldman Sachs before going on to fame and fortune in TV / movies. (Sources - wikipedia.com, dealbreaker.com)

According to The Wall Street Journal, the number of Lehman Brothers employees in Europe has jumped from 3,378 in 2003 to 5,150. The firm now employs almost 25,000 people worldwide.

And finally, before staff at JPMorgan get too carried away thinking about mega-bonuses this year, please heed the recent words of Viswas Raghavan, the Managing Director and Head of Debt & Equity Capital Markets for JPMorgan outside of the Americas. Speaking generally at the Reuters investment banking conference last week on the subject of bonuses, Raghavan said that 'I think there has been a lot of people getting carried away in terms of what they are going to make. It ain't going to be anywhere near that......It's been a good year, but, by the same token, numbers are not going to double. You have a good year this year in leverage finance, equity, M&A, but high grade, etc has been OK but not flamboyant'. Source - Reuters.

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