Age Discrimination - A Few More Reader Comments

'Age discrimination is alive and well in the City - like fox hunting, it's talked about a lot, but there's very little that can be done about it. It's now done covertly. If one of my clients says he or she is looking for someone under 40, it would not be in my interest to show him or her someone who does not fit the profile'.

'I agree totally that much of the mindset which results in age discrimination comes from employers. Recruiters simply try and find what the client is looking for. Unfortunately the reality is that there is no value to a recruiter in providing a shortlist which contains candidates a client just will not hire. Recruitment is, after all, a commercial concern'.

'We do not discriminate on age (or anything else). Our role as recruiters is to identify the candidate the client asks us to find. If there was a market for black 50-year-old one-legged lesbians, we'd make it. But the client decides'.

'Recruitment firms are driven by client needs. Pure and simple. If clients were happy to hire older, more experienced candidates, our jobs would be easier - there are, after all, more of those types of candidates kicking around!'.

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