Wanna Know How Big A Colleague's Bonus Is ?

Well, if you are a Managing Director and you work at Greenhill & Co, you will be told how much dosh your peers get when bonus time comes around. In fact, the firm issues a memo to all MDs, which details the bonus payments paid made to all staff at this level.

Speaking at the Reuters 'Investment Banking Summit' in New York this week, Greenhill President Scott Bok said that 'it's a strange policy, but it works. I always joke that it makes us more productive than other firms, because at other firms you spend the whole month of January trying to figure out what the guy in the next office got paid. With us, you can dispense with that, because you hand it out - 'there it is, and now get back to work''.

To see a video clip of Bok explaining how it all works, press the link below, which will lead you to the Reuters website.

Do you know how big YOUR co-workers bonuses are?

Sources: Reuters, Dealbreaker, BankersBall

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