Bonus Comment - Spare A Thought For The 'Little People'

Here's a post sent in by one of our readers:

'It's nice to see that my front office colleagues are on track to take home rather large wads of money for their efforts this year. But please spare a thought for those of us working in other areas.

I work in middle office. What kind of bonus do you think I'll be taking home this year ? Certainly not the millions that the front office guys look like getting. But do those guys really put in that much more effort than the rest of us ? In my unit we spend a lots of our time trying to making unworkable structures workable, and questionable products viable - just so that the front office guys can make those lucrative trades and do those worthy deals. But we get very little recognition for it.

We're the ones who work under the real pressure (you know, 'the client wants this NOW'), and we're the guys who have to explain the transactions to the risk committee, and argue for fair treatment on risk capital and all that stuff.

My bonus this year will, of course, be some of whatever is left in the pot after the big-boys have dipped their snouts in the trough. Without us, of course, there would be no 'big-boys'. Perhaps I should have worked in front office'.

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