J.Pierpont Morgan - Did You Know ?

J. Pierpont Morgan's 'personal appearance gave rise to legend

He had a skin disease called rhinophyma that in his fifties turned his nose into a hideous purple bulb. One day the wife of his partner Dwight Morrow reportedly invited him to tea. She wanted her daughter Anne to meet the great man, and for weeks coached the girl about what would happen. Anne would come into the room and say good afternoon; she would not stare at Mr Morgan's nose, she would not say anything about his nose, and she would leave.The appointed day arrived. Mrs Morrow and Mr Morgan sat on a sofa by the tea tray. Anne came in, said hello, did not look at Mr Morgan's nose, did not say anything about his nose, and left the room. Sighing in relief, Mrs Morrow asked, 'Mr Morgan, do you take one lump or two with your nose?'.

Source: Morgan - American Financier by Jean Strouse

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