Repetitive Strain Injuries - Thumbs & BlackBerrys ?

According to , 'a repetitive strain injury is an injury to a part of the body that is caused by overusing or straining that body part......The immediate impact may be minute, but when it occurs repeatedly the constant straining cause damage'.

Now USA Today reports that US employment lawyers are warning companies that they could face claims from employees related to injuries sustained from personal digital assistants (PDAs). The American Physical Therapy Association has warned that the overuse of PDAs can cause 'handthrobbing, tendonitis and swelling, a condition known as 'BlackBerry Thumb', named after the popular PDA'.

Firms are now being urged to train staff on how to use PDAs in order to avoid repetitive strain injuries. A BlackBerry, for example, should be held in a certain manner and e-mails should be brief and to the point. And some enterprising folk are jumping on this bandwagon, and offering a 30 minutes Blackberry Balm Hand Massage for $80. Overuse of a PDA often occurs as staff are required to use them out-of-office hours - particularly if a job means that communication needs to take place between staff in different time zones.

BlackBerry's hit the news earlier this year, when it was suggested that use of the hand-held devices may become addictive - wags named them 'Crackberrys!'.

Sources - USA Today, Wall Street Folly,

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