This Week's Wally Of The Week

A 22-year-old Sunderland man recently returned to the UK after a stint in the Army in Iraq. He survived that, and came back in good shape. Then he went to a firework party last weekend.....

According to the Guardian, the young man became bored with the firework display and decided it would be kind of fun to copy a scene from the 2002 film Jackass: The Movie. He proceeded to get down on all fours, lowered his pants and lit a Black Cat Thunderbolt rocket from his rear end. Yes, and it all ended rather badly.

Paramedics were called, and the young man was taken to hospital with severe internal injuries, including a scorched colon. The newspaper quotes a spokesperson from the Firework Association, who said that the incident was 'beyond belief'.

A friend of the injured man filmed the episode using his mobile phone. We at HereIsTheCity have seen this footage, but, in the interests of good taste, have decided not to run it. However, we do have footage of another idiot doing a similar thing - and getting away with it. To view this video clip, please press the link below.

(Please be warned, the clip does show a young man's bare, and later singed, bum).

Warning - Don't Light A Firework From Your Rear End

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