12 CEO Diseases - Recognise Your Boss ?

Dr Robert Kuhn has an interesting feature in chiefexecutive.net. Here's his list of CEO 'diseases':

1. Talking too much - you never learn by talking.

2. Goals too aggressive - unrealistic goals 'demotivate', especially when compensation is involved.

3. Power building trumps wealth building - CEOs tend to make decisions that enhance their scope and influence, even at the expense of increasing shareholder value.

4. Not respecting or recognising the ideas of others.

5. Seeing only summaries - a CEO should perceive the world as it truly is; if cluttered and chaotic, so be it.

6. Don't fall in love - when you sit in the corner office, follow your head not your heart.

7. Feeling invincible.

8. Personnel too similar - in some organisations, many senior executives even look like the CEO!

9. Generalizations - beware of averages.

10. Not asking the 'stupid' question - you learn by asking.

11. Falling for current trends.

12. Falling for contemporary tricks - leave off the fads.

Source - www.chiefexecutive.net

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