Cell-Phones And Jaffas - Your Call

(For those not in the 'know', a 'jaffa' refers to the orange of the same name, which is almost seedless).

Bloomberg reports that 'the number of hours a man talks on a cellular phone each day may affect his fertility, with sperm count and quality deteriorating as the duration of calls increases'.

Scientists in Cleveland, Mumbai and New Orleans apparently tracked 364 men, and found that 'those who used a cell phone more than four hours a day produced on average...........23 percent less (sperm per milliliter) than those in the group who didn't use the phones at all'.

And this is not the first study to suggest that excessive mobile phone use could turn blokes into jaffas. The Sunday Times reported in June 2004 that fertility experts in Berlin had studied 221 men for 13 months, comparing the sperm of those who used mobile phones with others who didn't. The research suggested that excessive cell-phone use saw sperm counts reduced by up to 30%.

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