If Your Firm Was A Pop Star, Who Would It Be ?

Bloomberg's Mark Gilbert has had a bit of fun. Looking at the 'personality' of various firms, he has matched them with who he thinks they are most like on the pop star front. (We've also added a few of our own at the suggestion of readers).Here's the list:

ABN Amro - The Drifters

Both parties have gone through several line-up changes (restructures) in recent years.

Bank of America - Garth Brooks

Both come from the Southern United States, are overweight, and not particularly big in Europe.

Barclays Capital - Oasis

'Snarling insolence failed to break the US market and, while past its peak, the band is capable of flashes of brilliance'.

BNP Paribas - John Hallyday

Both hit big at home, but neither do much anywhere else.

Citigroup - Ozzy Osbourne

'Both Citigroup and Ozzy Osbourne are growing old disgracefully'.

Commerzbank - David Hasselhoff

'Both are huge in Germany. Scientists have failed to explain why'.

Credit Suisse - Jakob Dylan & The Wallflowers

Both were embarrassments to their 'parents' (Bob Dylan and First Boston)

Dresdner Kleinwort - Slip Knot

Say no more.

Deutsche Bank - Fleetwood Mac

'Immensely profitable.....Years of infighting, and not communicating with one another.....Badly in need of a style makeover'.

Goldman Sachs - The Rolling Stones

'Its prodigious appetite for hard work and its unrivaled profit-generating abilities arouse jealousy and admiration in equal measure'.

HSBC - Any Boy Band

'While some tracks have been performed live or been leaked in rough form, the album itself still isn't available'. The same could be said of HSBC's investment banking platform.

JP Morgan - Radiohead

'Too clever by half, and needing another big hit to remain relevant'.

Jefferies & Co - Bruce Springsteen

The hardest working firm on Wall Street, with the most passion, the most down to earth people, and the strongest desire never to let their clients (fans) down.

Merrill Lynch - Madonna

'Both Merrill Lynch and Madonna peaked in the 1980s and have been irrelevant since the 1990s, notwithstanding umpteen attempts at reinvention'.

Morgan Stanley - Coldplay

'Deadly earnest. Blue-blooded. Well-heeled. Regularly at the top of the charts'.

Morley Fund Management - Paul McCartney

Both are quintessentially British and slightly reserved - but not afraid to speak their mind or have a bit of fun.

Royal Bank of Scotland - The Proclaimers

Both are Scottish through and through, deeply unfashionable, but strangely addictive.

UBS - Phil Collins

'Both are rich, both based in Switzerland, and no one with any sense gives a hoot about either'.

Source - Bloomberg

If you can think of any examples for other firms, or different musician comparisons for those mentioned above, please contact us at mail@hereisthecity.com  Please also let us have a brief explanation of why you think the comparison is appropriate. We will print the best ones later this week. (The names of those who send in the comparisons will not be used).

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