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You are driving along in your two-seater car, on a cold, stormy night.

You pass by a bus stop, and notice three people waiting for a ride home.

There in the queue is a very old lady, who's clearly seriously ill and needs to get to a hospital, an old friend who once saved your life, and the perfect partner you have spent many years dreaming about.

Knowing that you only have room for one passenger in your car, who do you decide to give a lift to ? You could pick up the old lady and help save her life, select your old friend as he once saved yours, or choose that perfect partner you may never see again, unless you make an immediate move.

The smart answer is:

Give the car keys to your old friend, and get him or her to take the old lady to hospital. Then remain behind to be with the man or woman of your dreams. (This shows commonsense, compassion, and the fact that you are able to grasp opportunities as they arise.)

The correct answer is:

Run over the old lady to put her out of her misery, obtain your perfect partner's address and telephone number, and drive off for a beer or glass of wine with your old friend'. ( This shows that you are ruthless, well organised and are loyal to those who have supported you in the past - in essence, a perfect investment banker ).

The wrong answer is to take the old lady to hospital, and leave your perfect partner in the hands of your old friend. (This shows that you are easily sidetracked from the main task at hand, fail to grasp opportunities as they arise, and allow rivals to get one up on you).

An alternative answer, provided by one of our readers, is to lend your car to your friend to take the old lady to hospital, get on the bus with your dream partner to ensure that she gets home safely and obtain her mobile phone number in the process. (This shows strategic thinking  and compassion, and demonstrates that you are able to see a task through to completion).

image: © Kristian D

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