Develops - Adds Business Features

Version 2.0.1 of contains several new features, which while not fully developed give a glimpse at a promising roadmap.

First up administrators now have some control over the application settings, either hiding them or disabling them completely. This will enable IT managers to build custom installations for various user groups.

There's a new keyboard shortcut that allows a user to save and then return to a saved cursor position. Particularly useful when re-opening a document where an editor will want to jump to the last edit but where a reader will want to start on the first page.

Microsoft Office format integration has been improved. Bullets and numbering systems are now saved correctly when a Microsoft document is saved and converted to an OpenDocument Format (ODF) file.

Finally an SDK for Mac has has been released although no native binary is currently available. To run on the Mac it must either be run using X11 or as NeoOffice/J a Java based version of the software.

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