Oracle Updates Multicore Pricing Policy

The policy sees multicore chips tiered depending on type.

Previously, as announced in July, mulicore processors had a pricing mulitplier of 0.75, which means the cost of running on a 4 core chip would have been cost x 4 x 0.75. As a result of this change different processors now have different multipliers depending on the number of cores it has. AMD and Intel processors have a multiplier of 0.5 but Sun's new 8 core T1 processor (previously Niagra) has a multiplier of 0.25, other multicore processors keep the 0.75 multiplier and single core processors will continue to have a multiplier of 1.0.

Oracle continues to price their products according to processor cores whereas competitors such as Microsoft have moved to a per socket model, this move is clearly a result of customers voicing concerns that their licensing costs could double with the pervasion of multicore processors.

"As technology evolves, we have adapted our licensing models to accommodate those changes. In the same way that the shift from mainframes to client/server and client/server to multi-tiered architectures required new licensing metrics, advancements in multi-core chip technology represents the same," said Jacqueline Woods, vice president, Global Pricing and Licensing Strategy, Oracle. "These new pricing policies will enable our customers to leverage the advancements in multi-core chip technology and derive even more value from their Oracle technology software."

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