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If you're based in Scotland, use easyInternetCafe's and have a penchant Burberry baseball caps then you may have to alter you surfing habits.

As reported by The Sunday Times, in a move reminiscent of the 'Bluewater Hoody Affair', Stelios Haji-Ioannou has banned the wearing of baseball caps in all easyInternetCafe's north of the border. The reason for the ban is because baseball cap wearing net users are difficult to identify on CCTV, a problem highlighted after a recent spate of robberies.

"We want to make sure our cafes are places where our customers can relax and feel secure," Easy Group's James Rothnie told The Sunday Times. "Since deviant behaviour can be associated with the wearing of baseball caps we are politely asking those people who enter our premises not to wear caps."

If it proves successful in Scotland the ban will be extended nationwide.

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