Staff Xmas Party Time - Take It Easy

It's that time again. Staff who work in the financial markets are getting ready for a rowdy night out. But a word of warning - it's OK to enjoy yourself, but don't go mad. Don't drink too much, and hit (or hit on) the boss. And, boys, watch who/what you touch after you're had a few. And try and keep your mouths shut!

DrKW entertained 2,000 London staff at the Honourable Artillery Club recently, and the event passed off without incident. CSFB is said to have partied at West End nightclub Tantra, and BNP Paribas appears to have gone for a Madame Butterfly-themed do in North London. According to the Times 'City Diary', some of BNP's 'less-cultured staff' moaned when it turned down a request from some of its more aggressive traders, who wanted to do a turn wrestling each other in sumo suits! Very macho. The bank brought in Chinese acrobats instead.

The Lehman do at Billingsgate fish market is likely to be a good one. The firm has, after all, made a lot of dosh this year, and can afford to lavish some of its hard-earned on its staff. Not so, it seems, Morgan Stanley. Staff there have been heard muttering that they have had to dip into their own pockets as the firm's Xmas party contribution wasn't (allegedley) as generous as it might have been. It could be worse, however. HSBC is said to be planning.......nothing. Even though the bank's somewhat parsimonious chairman, Sir John Bond, is on the way out, the UK-headquartered bank, it seems, will not be shelling out for a big up this year.

Over in the US, however, they still know how to throw a bash. Two of NYMEX's star traders, Mark Fisher and Sandy Goldfarb, are said to have shelled out around $250,000 for a do at Studio 54. According to Trader Daily, in attendance was LL Cool J and the cast of 'The Sopranos'. The star turn was R&B singer Rihanna.

No stories of 'dwarf-tossing' so far this year, however.

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