Google Expanding It's European Base, Dublin

Google has announced that it is expanding it's workforce in Dublin by 75% or 600 positions over the next 2 - 3 years.

The Dublin office is Google's largest outside the U.S. and services Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Cited as the reasons for the expansion were the high claibre of European graduates and the exceptionally low corporation tax rate in Ireland.

Mecury News reported that Google managed to reduce its U.S. tax rate from 39% to 31%  in 2004 thanks to being able to credit profits to it's Irish operations. The tax rate in Ireland is 12.5%. Ireland also has the lowest unemployment rate in the EU, at 4.3%, thanks in large part to its ability to attract hundreds of high-tech and multi-national companies from the States and Europe.

"Basing our European operations here in Dublin has proven to be a great decision," John Herlihy, Google's European director of online sales and operation said. "We have found that the quality of the Irish work force has enabled us to improve our products and services in a way that has proven to be highly beneficial for our customers, both users and advertisers."

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