Greed's No Good - Give Some Of Yer Bonus To Charity

It's bonus time and we're having fun. Santa's on his way, and most staff will be dreaming of (and receiving) a decent bonus cheque this year. The markets have been kind in 2005, investment banks and fund management firms have generally done good. Staff will mostly be well rewarded. Now it's time to give something back. And it's so easy.

A group of City employees have got together this year and launched a fund raising initiative, which is aimed at staff who work in the financial markets. The idea is to donate just 1% of your bonus to one of seven charities (The British Red Cross, Oxfam, NSPCC, Cancer Research, Friends of the Earth, Shelter or Rainforest Concern).

So, don't be a scrooge this Christmas time, give some of yer bonus away. You won't miss 1%. It could make a difference.

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