UK Holiday Survey, US Bias Report

Churchill Travel Insurance recently polled 2,000 UK workers and discovered that up to 60% of them will have failed to take their annual holiday entitlement come the end of the year.

Even though the average UK worker has less holiday to play with than employees in any other western European country, still us hardworking Brits don't take up our full holiday quota.

43% of those polled said that they felt guilty taking time off, 37% said they were too busy, and 20% confirmed that they simply forgot!

CNN quotes psychotherapist Christine Webber, who said that 'employers often allow their staff to go without their holidays in the mistaken belief that fewer holidays will result in more productivity. But various experts now agree that too much work and too little leisure is counterproductive, as employees tend to get sick more often and more stressed'.

A new poll conducted in the US by Gallup reveals that 15% of all workers say that they have discriminated at work in the past 12 months. 31% of Asian workers surveyed claimed that they had been discriminated against, followed by 26% of African Americans.

The poll found that the following types of discrimination were most common:

gender - 26%

race - 23%

age - 17%

Discrimination was found to be most in evidence in promotion decisions (33%) and pay (29%).

Gallup conducted 1,252 telephone interviews with adults earlier this year.

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