Top Boss Poll - 8 Up For 'Eviction'

CityNews is finding out how staff rate their big bosses. Already we are down to just 20. Only 16 will get through to the next round. 4 will be 'evicted' as a result of today's voting.

Here's the 20 bosses who made it through the last round, but only numbers 1 through 12 are 100% safe and will be with us on Monday. 4 bosses will be evicted today from numbers 13 through 20. The bosses who get through will be those who receive the least amount of votes. In this round, you are voting for the boss you don't want to go through. You are voting for who you want to evict! The votes are not weighted in this round.

Here's the latest league table (Wednesday's positions in brackets):

1(1). Andrew Pisker - former CEO, DrKW

2(2). Yvan de Cock - CEO, Fortis Bank, UK.

3(3). Richard Handler - CEO, Jefferies & Co

4(4). Michael Dobson - CEO, Schroders

5(5). Huw Jenkins - CEO, UBS Investment Bank

6(-). Tim Linacre - CEO, Panmure Gordon

7(6). Richard Fuld - CEO, Lehman Brothers

8(15). Yugo Ishida - President & CEO, Nomura International

9(10). Ken Lewis - CEO, Bank of America

10(9). Allan Moss - CEO, Macquarie Bank

11(8). John Costas - former CEO, UBS Investment Bank

12(7). Bob Diamond - CEO, Barclays Capital

All these are safe. You cannot vote to evict them today.


Up for eviction are:

13(11). Michael Spencer - CEO, Icap plc

14(20). Bob Wigley - Chairman, Merrill Lynch, EMEA

15(12). Josef Ackermann - CEO, Deutsche Bank

16(13). John Mack - CEO, Morgan Stanley

17(14). Brady Dougan - CEO, CSFB

18(23). RWJ Groenick - Chairman, ABN Amro

19(16). Bill Etherington - CEO, CIBC

20(-). Cliff Siegel - CEO, Jefferies International

Only 4 of these 8 will survive through to Monday.


Out are:

21(17). Bruce Wasserstein - Head of Lazard

22(18). Jamie Dimon - President, JP Morgan Chase

23(-). Ken Thompson - Chairman & CEO, Wachovia

24(22). Sir John Bond - Chairman, HSBC

25(19). Stan O'Neal - CEO, Merrill Lynch

26(21). Baron David de Rothschild - Chairman NM Rothschild

27(24). Fred Goodwin - CEO, Royal Bank of Scotland

28(27). Charles Prince - CEO, Citigroup

29(28). Sandy Weill - Chairman, Citigroup

30(re). Peter Wuffli - CEO, UBS Group

To vote for one of the 8 bosses up for eviction, please use the link below:

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