US President's Quiz Question Answer

We asked you what the 'S' stood for in Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States.

The answer is......just 'S'. Truman's parents named him 'Harry', after his maternal uncle, Harrison Young. Unable to decide between a middle name honoring his maternal grandfather (Solomon Young), or his paternal grandfather (Anderson Shipp(e) Truman), the former president's parents opted for the 'S' - to keep everyone happy.

Here's a list of those who posted the correct answer:

Luca Adamczyk - DrKW

Anne Binstock - HSBC Investment Bank

Rodney Byram - Longbridge International

Robin Cruickshank - WestLB

Caroline Donohoe - Risk Audit Recruitment

Michael Feeney - Society of Technical Analysts

Vala Kristinsdottir - Morgan Stanley

Rob Marshall - WestLB

Jeff Matheny - UBS

Chand Patel - CSFB

Stephen Pemberton - UBS

Richard Russell - Deutsche Bank

Pepyn Schellaars - Bank of America

Simona Stoytchkova - Deutsche Bank

Charlotte Tomkins - JP Morgan Asset Management

Rajiv Vyas - Axa Rosenberg

Tai Wong - UBS

Scott Roskell

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