The Perfect Christmas Gift

Be a friend to your local Spar manager this Christmas or if you own some particularly troublesome teens of your own then the Mosquito could be the perfect gift.

The device, developed by Howard Stapleton from Wales, emits a high frequency whistle which causes effects similar to tinnitus in the youthful and has been specially designed for use outside corner shops and off licences where those of a certain age and persuasion gather.

Although it's only been tested in one location (arguably the most demanding available) in a South Wales convinience store the results were so impressive that almost 100 stores and some local councils have placed orders.

The device works on the principle that hearing deteriorates with age and in fact it deteriorates from teenage years onwards. Similar to a dog whistle it emits a variable frequency to make it more excrutiating to those that can hear it - most people younger than 20 and almost no one older than 30.

In a further test The Times fitted the device at a newsagents shop in Wembley where the shopkeeper was unable to keep order between 2pm and 3.30. The skeptical shopkeeper was won over when he witnessed a teenage dispersal of biblical proportions. As reported by The Times one 17 year old youth commented "I can feel it - it hurts. It’s like your ears are blocked. It’s hurting my teeth. I’ve got sensitive teeth."

City News figures that as long as you can pre-test it on relatives over 30 it's a guaranteed way to get a bit of peace and quiet on Christmas evening, it just depends if your teens are £500 worth of bother!