So, Where Would You MOST LIKE To Work ?

Well, we know that DrKW won the 'Best Place To Work' in the global financial markets poll. But we thought it would be interesting to find out which company/organisation, given the choice, our readers would LIKE to work for. And it doesn't have to be a company within the financial services industry.

Anyone can vote in this poll - as long as your nomination comes from a designated work e-mail address. And, as usual, you can vote only once.

So, if you could work for any company or organisation in the world, where would you want to 'clock in' each morning ? Would it be Goldman Sachs ? Microsoft ? Berkshire Hathaway ? Barclays Capital ? eBay ? Google ? Deutsche Bank ? The US Treasury ? Chelsea Football Club ?

It's down to you. Let us have your nomination. Please note that you can't vote for the company you currently work for.

Please use the link below to send in your nomination:

We'll publish the first league table on Monday.

JefferiesAnd the Best Place to Work in the global financial markets 2018 is...

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