No More Than 3 Cvs - The Computer Says No

That's the battle cry from some on-site recruiters these days. Whip up your best (or most easily accessible) 3 cvs and send 'em over in a hurry - or someone else will beat you to it. The race to get cvs on to the system has taken a new twist - and, to think, some once thought that recruitment was an art!

As we know, recruiters who once took pride in identifying quality candidates for discerning clients have been replaced, in many instances, by younger computer nerds who are extremely proficient at uploading cvs onto systems.

In the old days, of course, a recruiter got a job in and, being a good pro-active sort, made a few calls to flush out some decent candidates. Not any more. Firstly you need to get your cvs on the system before anyone else. And you might only be allowed three. No room for any candidates who you unearth after your original submission. Indeed, if you try and sneak one more in on the system, you are likely to get a nasty call from an upset on-site recruiter, angry that you have the audacity to try and introduce a quality candidate to your client. Heaven forbid! Remember, no more than 3 cvs. (No wonder firms think that talent is hard to come by these days - they may never get to see the best candidates).

And then, after the cvs have been shifted and the chosen few interviewed, the on-site recruiter comes back and asks for.................more cvs. Sorry, the candidate that we wanted to introduce has just resigned to go work for a rival. She would have been perfect too. What a pity the computer said no.

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