The 'Flaming Ferraris' - Did You Know ?

The 'Flaming Ferraris' were a successful five-man trading team who worked at CSFB and became famous in the late 1990s. Three of the team, including Lord Archer's son James, were eventually found guilty by UK regulators of involvement in an attempt to manipulate the Swedish stock market and were barred from working in the City for life.

The group of traders were named after their favourite cocktail, which is a mixture of 100% proof rum, grand Marnier and Green Charteuse.
They are said to have worked and played hard - on one occasion they are believed to have hired in caterers to supply a mountain of whipped cream in order that they could have a huge food fight.

In order to escape detection, James Archer is said to have used a mobile phone to place a buy order for shares in the Swedish company that eventually led to his downfall. This was in contravention of CSFB's policy, which proscribed that all business calls needed to be made via proper work stations, where discussions were routinely recorded. Archer was not, in any case, authorized to trade on the Swedish Stock Exchange.

Adrian Ezra, another of the three 'FFs' who were eventually barred from working in the City, was educated at Harvard and was a six-times Indian squash champion.

And finally, rearranging the letters of 'The Flaming Ferraris' you come up with the anagram 'Faltering Share Firm'.

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