Goldman Tops US Tech M&A League In 2005

Goldman Sachs topped the US tech M&A league table in 2005, as the firm was involved in many of the largest deals in this sector during the year, including the $11bn sale of SunGuard Data Systems, Oracle's purchase of Siebel Systems and Adobe System's acquisition of Macromedia. Here's the Top 10:

The Latest News On Bear Stearns

Well, a second straight year of record earnings meant that Bear CEO James Cayne would be well rewarded in 2005, as his firm brought in $1.5bn in profits. Aside from a salary and bonus, the boss received stock units valued at some $10.3m. Cayne also received options on 56,573 firm shares.

Research, Regulators & IPOs

The cheque's in the post - really. Around 20,000 cheques (or checks as they say in the US) will be despatched in the next few weeks to investors who were disadvantaged due to dodgy US investment banking stock research. Investors are eligible to receive $440m in compensation for the alleged activities of stock researchers, who were more interested in keeping their investment bankers happy than making the proper calls when rating stocks.

CityNews M&A Quiz Answer

We told you that, according to research firm Dealogic, four firms generated $1bn or more in M&A revenues in 2005 (the first time that this has happened since 2001). We asked you to name the four firms.

Microsoft Threatened With €2m Daily Fine

European Antitrust Regulators have seemingly lost patience with Microsoft and have formally moved to seek fines of up to €2m a day for Microsoft's continuing failure to comply with longstanding orders to open up their software to competition.

Enron Trial - Boss 'Rolls Over'

Well, it finally happened. Speculation had been mounting for some time that US prosecutors were close to negotiating a plea bargain with former Enron chief accounting officer Richard Causey. Causey, 45, was due in the dock in Houston on January 17th, when his trial was set to begin. There with him was to have been former Enron CEOs Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling. All three had been charged on a number of counts pertaining to the demise of the former energy giant.