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CSFB Will Pay, Said To Identify Areas For Chop

And just to prove that it's not all bad for staff at CSFB, firm boss Brady Dougan is quoted in The Wall Street Journal, saying that he is working on a new incentive scheme for management which will give them a greater stake in the business. He also acknowledged that there is 'no doubt that we will have to pay competitvely this year' to encourage employees to remain 'part of a winning team'.

Dick Grasso, Junk Bonds And Rare Stamps

Dick Grasso, the former chairman of The New York Stock Exchange, will go to trial in New York. Grasso is being sued by New York state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, who is attempting to reclaim at least $100m from Grasso's almost $200m final compensation package.

CSFB - Butt's Ring Didn't Know Leaked Info Secret

According to the Evening Standard, former CSFB compliance officer Asif Butt has admitted that he did pass on confidential information to others during his tenure at the firm, but told Southwark Crown Court that he believes what he did was not illegal as it did not breach the Criminal Justice Act.

Bonus Payouts - Early Estimates For Top Firms

Now most of us know that staff at Goldman are probably going to be happy with their bonuses this year. But what about the rest ? In the next couple of weeks, bankers at places like Goldman, Morgan Stanley, Lehman and Bear Stearns will find out what their 2004 bonuses are likely to look like. Institutional Investor is quoting Deutsche analyst Richard Strauss, who looks like he might have some insight into the matter.

DrKW - Not Just Another Job Cull

It is tempting to lump the news that DrKW is to axe 270 staff in with the all other job loss woes at CSFB, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank. But to do so would be wrong.