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Citigroup Probe Almost Over, Bear 'In Play' ?

Bafin, Germany's financial market regulator, is coming to the end of its probe into the Citigroup eurozone government bond affair which caused uproar in the market in August. Citigroup traders dumped billions of dollars worth of bonds onto the market, prices plunged, rivals sold futures in panic and the Citigroup traders came back in and repurchased some of the instruments on the cheap. Citigroup is said to have made a tidy sum out of the affair, whilst rivals are thought to have lost $22m.

UBS Tops Research Poll.....Again

Each year Institutional Investor magazine asks fund managers all around the world to rate brokerage firm analysts in 30 industries and investment specialties. The winning entries are totalled and a league table of top firms is compiled. Below is this year's table. (Last year's position in brackets).

Deutsche Fired, Fidelity Investigated

Deutsche Bank has suffered yet another client defection on the UK asset management side. According to Bloomberg, a further $1bn has gone as Lancashire County Council has terminated its contract with Deutsche Asset Management (DeAM)

JP Morgan 'Began To Lose Its Touch'

The Business has an interesting story about JP Morgan. The essence is that the banking giant began to look as if it might have lost the plot a bit over the last few years. But now, the smart money is on the firm perhaps bringing back the glory days of good old John Pierpont.

Boss Accused Of Swinging 'Baseball Bat' At Manager

Another bank found itself mired in an employment tribunal claim last week. A manager at ING's investment banking arm stands accused of bullying a staff member. In there, too, are claims of client fraud. 31 year-old former ING ECM manager Oliver Payne is claiming constructive dismissal.

The Original 'Superwoman' Is Back

Well, she's back. After her departure from Societe Generale last year, the breakdown of her marriage and the shattering of her dreams to become a star fund manager in Australia, Nicola Horlick returns - to start and run a fund management advisory business from Knightsbridge.