Ex-Enron Boss Wants 'Conspirator' List Published

It's a conspiracy! That's what US prosecutors are saying caused the demise of Enron. A group of professional people who clubbed together to milk the company dry and then stood back and watch it fall.

Nonsense and highly implausible, says former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling. And he wants the government to now publish the sealed document which, it is claimed, names 114 people involved in some way in the so-called mass Enron conspiracy. Prosecutors say that any names must remain confidential, as they haven't all been formally charged. But Skilling's lawyers want the document out in the open. They claim that the disclosure of the names will seriously weaken the government's case as it will be seen that it is 'inherently implausible' for so many law-abiding people to have participated in 'a vast criminal conspiracy'.

Meanwhile, over the other side of the pond, British Home Secretary David Blunkett has asked the UK High Court for further time to decide whether three British bankers, indicted for alleged Enron-related crimes, should be extradicted to the US to face trial. A decision will now be made by mid-February.

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