Ping Pong Trader Gets Ding-Donged After Fall

We all thought it was a bit much when, earlier this year, China executed four people found guilty of bank frauds totalling $15m. The 'off with their heads' sentence was perhaps a little severe. But now comes news of another China-related story which will have most HR staff standing up and cheering - and wishing that they, too, could get away with a good old 'Chinese takeaway'.

According to The Evening Standard, a 34 year-old London-based Bank of China trader is suing his employer for £100,000 after fracturing his leg whilst playing ping-pong in the bank's basement area in March 2002.

The trader, who apparently had the accident just a matter of weeks after coming to London, is said to have had 10 years trading experience and was thought to be involved in the making of multi-million pound deals on the gold markets.

His Chinese bosses were clearly unimpressed with the trader's ping-pong prowess and, soon after the accident, sent him back to work as a counter clerk in a bank branch in northern China - earning just £53 per month. The frustrated trader is now suing as he claims that the bank failed to keep its London basement area in good repair. He is also after compensation for the 'insult' of being taken off to northern China to work on the counter.

In these bureaucratic days of staff-friendly regulations and European rules and directives, what most HR professionals wouldn't give to resolve grievance issues by simply banishing complaining staff to menial jobs in far-away lands!

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