Two Little Bankers

This ditty should be sung to the tune of the old Rolf Harris song 'Two Little Boys'.

Two little boys had two little toys
Each had a computer game

Happily they played every single day, competitive all the same

Then one little chap had a mishap,
His new PC went dead

Wept for his toy, wanted help from the other boy 

As his young playmate said:

'Jack, don't just sit there crying
Can't you see I'm having a good time

Bugger off home, mate, you're in a bloody state
Coz my computer's fine.

When we grow up we'll both be bankers

And our PCs will not be toys

And I wonder if we'll remember

When we were two little boys'.

Long years had passed, careers came so fast

Success quickly came their way

Lots of deals were done, they were having fun

Until one fateful day

Up goes a shout, the regulator sniffs about

The cops take Joe away

And out of the blue, came a voice he knew

And this is what it did say:

'I'm glad to see you crying

There was never really room for two

Bugger off to jail, you're not a banker now

I always hated you

Don't you see, Joe, I'm all a-tremble

At the thought of your client list

They will all be mine, while you're be doing time

But the best is that I still remember
When we were two little boys....'.

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