Fans 'Beseige' Firm, Jam Faxes, Send Abusive E-Mails

Malcolm Glazer appears to be having a tough time of its trying to acquire a controlling interest in Manchester United. The soccer club's fans aren't having any of it and Glazer's PR company, Brunswick, and investment bank, JP Morgan, are said to have walked away last week as they didn't agree with the American businessman's hostile attitude towards the club.

Enter Deutsche Bank, who is said to have had preliminary meetings with the Glazer camp earlier in the week, and was perhaps hoping to get in on some action and assist him with his bid. But, alas, it was not to be. United fans, it seems, have really got the bit between their teeth. According to The Independent, Manchester United fans around the world have 'bombarded' Deutsche's offices with 'abusive e-mails, phone calls and faxes' in a bid to warn off the German bank from getting involved. The faxes that were sent were apparently black in colour, which are thought more likely to jam fax machines. Oh, and pizza. Unsolicited pizza is said to have arrived at Deutsche premises by the cartload.

In the end, Deutsche issued a carefully-worded statement Tuesday which, although did not deny that any discussions had taken place, confirmed that the bank 'was not in any talks with Malcolm Glazer'. A spokesman for Supporters United is quoted: 'This will serve as a warning to any bank considering backing Glazer, about the depth of feeling amongst United fans and about the speed of reaction they can expect'. One nil to the fans.

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