Simply, What Does A Bush Win Mean For Your Job ?

The fat lady has finally sung. The fate of President George W Bush and Senator John Kerry was decided in the the state of Ohio and Bush is now looking at four more years in The White House. But what will a Bush victory mean to you ?

Well, the markets hate uncertainty for a start. The prospect of a Kerry victory and a possible change of direction in Iraq and with the War on Terror is one of the factors which has caused the global equity markets to stall in recent months. Interest rates and the high price of oil are, of course, other factors.

Four more years of Bush will signal more of the same on the policy front and the markets should respond positively. The US dollar climbed in Asian trading this morning when it looked like Bush was on to be back. US stock futures were also on the rise. All the major stock indices finished the business day in positive territory.

On the M&A front, there are deals out there waiting to be done. It's just a matter of having the confidence that the climate is right to do them. That confidence is likely to return with Bush's re-election. The US economy is recovering, too. Maybe not as fast as some had hoped and, it's true, the recovery has so far been jobless. But job growth will follow as the economic fundamentals all look good.

Although concerns remain about the US deficit, and Bush will have to do something about this in his second term, the Republicans have also retained control of the Congress and there is now a much better chance that the long-awaited economic upturn will actually occur. And that recovery will be Bush and US led. So, whatever you think of him personally, 'W' might just be good for your firm and therefore for you too.

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