Why Is My CV All Over The City ?

Ever wondered why you appear to have lost control over where your cv shows up ? Ever heard that it's gone to some firms on several occasions for the same job ? Those damn recruitment consultants! But, actually, it's your own fault if you release your cv to those who are less than professional.

Now it might be easier said than done to work out which recruitment firm to trust. But, be sensible. Check out firms with friends or work colleagues. Even then, however, there's no guarantee. A recruiter may decide to take a chance and lob in a cv without seeking your permission in any case. But should this happen and you find out, you should go ape.

Would-be employers will understandably not want to get involved in a bun-fight between recruitment consultants. If your cv has been sent somewhere without your permission and you find out about it, make sure that you e-mail your disgust to the recruiter who you did ask to represent you and insist that he or she forward on your mail to the hiring firm.

In the end, this may be the only way to stop unscrupulous recruiters ruining your reputation. There is one other thing, though. Be honest with any recruiter who approaches you about a specific role. In the event that you have already given a rival permission to send your cv, come clean. Don't think that the more times your cv arrives on a potential employer's desk, the more chance you have of getting a job. Cvs arriving from different sources just make you (and the recruiters) look stupid.

Play with a straight bat - and make sure that your recruiters do too.

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