An investment banker dies and goes to heaven

Red Face

And the moral of the story is...

An investment banker dies and goes to Heaven. He is met at the Pearly Gates by the Archangel Gabriel who welcomes the banker and advises him that he can elect to spend the rest of his days in either Heaven or Hell. However, the banker must spend a day in each location before making his final choice.

First up Heaven: The banker has a good look around, and meets lots of pleasant people who appear to spend most of their days playing harps in the clouds. A nice place, the banker feels, but somewhat boring.

Next comes Hell. The banker is greeted at the door by the Devil. And what a nice chap he is too. And the weather's wonderful. The sun's shining, there are lots of familiar faces playing golf, having a few drinks and generally having a great old time.

Two days after first meeting him, the banker returns to Gabriel to make his choice for all eternity.

'Well,'  the banker said. 'I've spent a day in Heaven and a day in Hell. Heaven seems like a nice place and the people are fine. But Hell's the place for me - it's full of my kind of people, and there's so many interesting things to do'. Gabriel shakes hands with the banker who then descends the escalator to Hell and bangs on the door.

When the door opens, all the banker sees is a barren wasteland. And the heat! His friends are there, but they are all dressed in rags and are walking around in chains. The perplexed banker spots the Devil and goes over to find out what's happened.

'I don't understand it', the banker says. 'I was here just two days ago and this place was fantastic and everyone was so happy. What's gone wrong ?'.

'Ah,' replies the Devil with a smile. 'But two days ago we were recruiting........'

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