Were Firm Staff Told To 'Tell A Client You Love 'Em' ?

Can The Guardian be sending us all up ? Did JP Morgan staff receive a spoof e-mail ? Or worse, could the following actually be true ?

The newspaper's City Diary reports that the firm had a 'Leadership Day' earlier this year. Afterwards, or so the story goes, a memo was sent to the staff, allegedly from one Jimmy Lee, described as a 'vice-chairman' of the bank. The memo is said to have told staff 'you are lucky. You work for a great company. We have a great CEO. Count your blessings'. It is said to have urged staff to 'call a client and tell them you love them'.

It gets even worse. 'Call a friend', the memo is said to have exhorted, 'or a family member who maybe isn't as fortunate as you and share some of your optimism and hope with them. It will be good for both of you'.

CityNews has been unable to establish whether this so-called 'memo' ever existed or was even a hoax. The very fact, however, that its veracity cannot be ruled out speaks volumes.

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