Police To Sniff Out City Cocaine Users

The Observer reports that the City of London Police are 'cracking down' on cocaine users in the City. They are also apparently looking to see whether it will be possible to prosecute bosses of firms who turn a blind eye to substance abuse in the workplace.

Police have become increasingly concerned about the availability of drugs in the City and are looking at City firms to come down hard to encourage staff to desist from using. Traders and brokers have long been thought to be the most likely to take drugs like cocaine, mostly to help them deal with the pressure. During the last three difficult years in the industry, however, the pressure has grown across the board and cocaine use amongst a wider section of the City community cannot be ruled out.

Let's get things into perspective, however. The vast majority of City workers are clean and wouldn't recognise cocaine if they saw it. Most firms have a rigorous anti-drug policy and any evidence of abuse will usually result in instant dismissal. Some firms insist on drug tests before they hire new recruits. Others are thought to be considering introducing routine drug testing for their existing workforces.

The Observer quotes an unnamed 'City police source', who said: 'We know we need to do something about it. Senior bank employers have to realise they could be liable'.

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