Tearing Down The Walls

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If you are short on ideas for a present for a pal or work colleague, you could do far worse than buy 'Tearing Down The Walls - How Sandy Weill Fought His Way to the Top of the Financial World....and Then Nearly Lost It All' by Monica Langley (Wall Street Journal Books).

If you had a negative view of Sandy Weill, this book will change that. A story told at a fast-pace which reads like a novel, this is the inside view of the legendary dealmaker. It chronicles Weill's story from his humble Jewish New York roots to become the most powerful CEO on Wall Street, creating an empire that makes more money than any other business in the world.

The reader relives the joys and disappointments in Weill's amazing career and looks at his experiences with Shearson, American Express, Travelers, Smith Barney, Salomon Brothers and Citigroup.

And all in view is Weill's energy and enthusiasm. His tirades and emotions. His manipulations and determination to succeed and endure. This is the story of no text book career, it is rather the story of a unique man who, by sheer gut-feel and personality, rose to the top of the heap. A fascinating study in leadership and a story which lends itself to the silver screen. Read this book and you can do nothing but admire the very human Sandy Weill and marvel at what he has acheived and the way he has acheived it.

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