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We have just passed the second anniversary of the fall of Enron. Numerous books have been written on the subject, but only one is co-authored by the ultimate insider, 'whistleblower' Sherron Watkins.

'Power Failure - The Rise & Fall of Enron', written primarily by Mimi Swartz (Aurum books) takes the reader behind the scenes in the rollercoaster ride that was Enron. This incredible story of heady success seemingly built on hype, greed and avarice on an unprecedented scale and a total lack of any real understanding of risk, gallops along at a fast pace and leaves the avid reader always wanting more.

The story is seen through the eyes of Ms Watkins and is written in a easy and humourous vain. A good read over Christmas to be sure. The book includes the following parody of Enron's voice mail system, which appeared on the WitCity website just after the company filed for bankruptcy:

'Thank you for calling Enron. Please listen closely to the following options, as our menu has changed.

If you wish to serve a subpoena on a current or former Enron executive.....press one.

If you are an Enron shareholder and would like to learn how to turn your Enron stock certificates into decorative origami....press two.

If your Enron 401(k) (Enron stock retirement plan) is worthless and you would like tips on how to survive your retirement eating nothing but Mac n' Cheese.....press three.

If you are an Enron executive and would like to find out which prison inmate will be making you his bitch.....press four.

If you would like to invoke your constitutional right against self-incrimination....press five.' And that is just about the sum of it!

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