London - Did Anyone Notice The Tube Strike ?

There was another tube strike on London Underground (LU) Friday. There was apparently no service on the Circle Line and a limited service on the Hammersmith & City line. And all because LU drivers were supporting a colleague who was sacked after allegedly seen leaving a squash club when off sick. The strike hit the headlines, but did Londoners really notice ?

Truth to tell, the tube is such a disgrace and the service so bad that Londoners have become immune to limited strikes. There's hardly a day go by when there are not problems of some kind on a major line and travellers are getting used to finding alternative ways to get to work. It's now just part of the 'cost' of working in the City.

LU strikers are going to have to become more creative if they want to make any real impact. They are silly if they expect limited strikes to have any real effect on the network. Trouble is, strikers have now become victims of the terrible system for which they work - refuse to work, disrupt the service and no-one notices.
It's a bit like the recent postal strike. How do you know when the workers are out - the service is so bad that no-one can tell the difference!

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