Bankers Ill From Bonus Anxiety Disorder

The Sunday Times reports that a number of City bankers who remain in a job in the current tough market conditions have become seriously ill. Some, like the unidentified banker the newspaper features, even check into the Priory psychiatric clinic. The banker suffers from what those in the know apparently call BAD - Bonus Anxiety Disorder. It is caused by the stress and pressure of working in the City.

The newspaper says that the banker checked in to The Priory as he was severely depressed as his marriage was on the verge of breaking down. He was drinking too much and was working unreasonably long hours.

And this disorder is spreading as the pressure in the City grows. One Priory psychiatrist, Neil Brener, already has around 30 cases to treat. The newspaper says that symptoms include poor appetite, the inability to sleep and focus and an 'overwhelming obsession' with the annual bonus. Sufferers often turn to drink before they seek professional help.

Too often our thoughts go out to those who have lost their jobs. For many there is life after investment banking. For some the axe actually comes as a final relief. For those who remain the worry can build and the pressure can mount. Increasingly, those who can afford to £200 hourly fee end up at The Priory.

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