The open-world for “Days Gone” is huge

Days Gone

Sony Bend has teased the size of the open-world for their PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone.

Although a retailer has possibly leaked the release date for The Last Of Us Part 2, Sony Bend’s Days Gone is the only PlayStation 4 exclusive officially confirmed for 2019. This has added a lot of pressure with it needing to continue Sony’s reputation for delivering critically acclaimed exclusives, and the trailers and gameplay footage certainly suggests it will succeed and be one of the year’s best titles. With its release right around the corner, the developer has vaguely revealed the size of its open-world.

According to Gamereactor, the open-world of Days Gone is “huge” and stuffed with page activity, and the main story will take roughly 30 hours to complete with a full six hours of “cinematics”.

While Days Gone certainly looks promising with its motorcycle traversal, Sons Of Anarchy style, and swarms of zombies, an open-world packed with “page activity” is unsurprising but alarming. Yes, collectibles and side activities provide a lot of content, but a large number of open-world games such as Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry have felt like chores to 100% complete with all the optional tasks being recycled. Hopefully the side activities in Days Gone will be worthwhile and memorable rather than merely symbols to ignore while playing through the campaign.

Days Gone launches April 26 on PlayStation 4 only.

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